Look into a Day in the Life of an Oklahoma Pig Farmer

One of our main goals at okPORK is to bridge the gap between those of you who consume our product and the farmers that work hard every day to bring pork to your table. So, we've created a series of videos called "Day in the Life" where we show you what Oklahoma pig farmers do each day. We hope you'll take a few moments and watch them to learn about pig farming straight from the mouths of pig farmers. We add new videos each month, so be sure to check back often! 


Christy Gammon, Seaboard Foods

Her love of raising and showing pigs as a 4-H and FFA member led Christy Wyatt Gammon to a career with Seaboard Foods managing farms that prepare gilts to be sows. In her 25 years working in the swine industry, Christy has learned to manage pigs and the people that care for them at an expert level.


Tre Smith: Oklahoma State University Swine Unit

Tre had big plans of becoming a dentist. Then he started showing pigs in high school and attended okPORK’s Youth Leadership Camp and his plans changed. He now works for the Oklahoma State University Swine Farm and plans to be involved in the swine industry for many years.


Kaylee Holt: Holt Livestock & Oklahoma FFA NW Area Star Ag Placement

Catch a glimpse into a day with Kaylee Holt from Shattuck, Okla. We got to know Kaylee during Youth Leadership Camp and she was recently awarded the Oklahoma FFA Now Area Star for Ag Placement.

Selecting a Show Pig - Lindsay Henricks

okPORK’s Lindsay Henricks has lots of experience judging show animals, especially pigs. In this video, she shows you the way to select a great show pig.


Juan Ovalle, Sr.

Madison Baker, Marlow, Okla. 

Madison Baker is a senior at Marlow High School and was also part of our 2018 Youth Leadership Camp. Spend a day with Madison as she shows you what she learned at YLC and why FFA and the pork industry is important to her. 


Whitney GLAZIER, Lomega, Okla. 

Whitney Glazier is a swine showman from Lomega Oklahoma. She recently took her pig projects across the country to a national pig show. Take a look into a day in Whitney's life at the show and learn more about what she's learned through showing swine. 


Juan Ovalle, Sr. | Smithfield Foods

Juan Ovalle, Sr, is a pig farmer who works for Smithfield Foods in Laverne, Okla. He's main job responsibility is to train other pig farmers on proper production practices. He also received one of okPORK's first Excellence Awards on June 29, 2018. Watch to learn more about Juan. 


Rober Teel

Robert Teel | Prestage Farms

Robert Teel is a pig farmer who works for Prestage Farms in Texhoma, Okla. He is their Swine Production Manager and has worked in the industry for many years. Robert also received one of okPORK's first Excellence Awards on June 29, 2018. Watch to learn more about the innovative pork production technology Robert has implemented at Prestage Farms. 


Sam DeHaas

Sam Dehaas | The Maschhoffs

Sam DeHaas is a pig farmer who works for The Maschhoffs in Hinton, Okla. He is their production manager and has been a pig farmer since 1996. Sam also received one of okPORK's first Excellence Awards on June 29, 2018. Watch to learn more about Sam's long standing career as a pork production manager. 


Libby Buckmaster

Libby Buckmaster | Porter 4-H

Libby Buckmaster is a pig farmer from Porter, Okla. She recently wrapped up her swine showing career at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. She recently graduated from Porter High School and will attend John Brown University in the fall to study nursing. Watch to learn more about how showing pigs has impacted Libby and been a bonding experience for her family. 


Brett Ramsey

Brett Ramsey | Blue and Gold Sausage

Brett Ramsey is co-owner of Blue and Gold Sausage in Jones, Okla. His family has operated this sausage-making company since the 1960's. Their business provides opportunities to local youth organizations, like the FFA, and school groups to raise funds. Brett serves on the okPORK board of directors, volunteers at the Oklahoma Youth Expo and is very involved in his local community. He may not spend his day with pigs, but his business is very much linked to pork production. 


Cathy Vaughan

Cathy Vaughan | Smithfield Foods

Cathy Vaughan is a pig farmer who works for Smithfield Foods in Laverne, Okla. Cathy's job revolves around keeping those who work with Smithfield's pigs safe and also communicating on behalf of the company regarding Oklahoma pig production. Watch to learn more about Cahty's job. 


Ty Goss

Ty Goss | Leedey FFA

Ty Goss is a Junior at Leedey High School. He, along with his family, has been raising and showing pigs for many years. Now that he's in the final years of his pig showing career his focus is on helping other students locate and exhibit great pigs. We caught up with Ty at the Tulsa State Fair in October 2017. Watch to learn more about what a day of showing pigs looks like. 


Rebecca Robbins

Rebecca Robbins, Seaboard Foods

Rebecca Robbins is a veterinarian for Seaboard Foods in Guymon, Okla. Rebecca spends her days helping pig farmers make the best choices about keeping pigs healthy and treating pigs when they happen to get sick. Rebecca has worked for Seaboard for almost 9 years now and loves working with the pigs and the farmers who are raising them. Watch to learn more about a day in the life of a pig veterinarian. 


Halley Hoskins

Halley Hoskins | Youth Leadership Camp 2017

Halley Hoskins is a Junior at Kiefer High School. She was a member of Youth Leadership Camp 2017. YLC allows students to get a farm-to-fork view of pork production in Oklahoma. Join Halley for a Day in the Life of a Youth Leadership Camper. 


Joe Popplewell

Joe Popplewell | Seaboard Foods

Joe Popplewell is a pig farmer who works for Seaboard Foods in Hennessey, Okla. His job is to oversee all the sows and pigs Seaboard raises in Oklahoma. Joe's first love was the horse industry, but he's been a pig farmer for more than 25 years now. Learn more about Joe's career with Seaboard and how he spends his day.