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  Apply to learn all about Oklahoma’s swine industry!

 The Oklahoma Pork Council is teaming up with the OSU Animal Science Department for a special problems course called the Pork Industry Group. This group of elite students will have the opportunity to learn about ALL the job opportunities in Oklahoma’s swine industry. This eight week course will begin in October and end the first week of December. The course will meet for two hours weekly and also include a Thursday - Friday trip that will feature a tour of a commercial sow operation and a tour of the Seaboard Pork Processing Plant in Guymon, Okla. 

During each meeting, group members will hear from leaders in the commercial pork industry about what they do and what job opportunities are available in this industry. Group members will hear from people who work in the barns, people who develop specialized feed rations for pigs, experts in swine genetics, veterinarians who care for pigs and many others that work in areas of swine production 

Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding group members. 

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors in the College of Agriculture may apply. 

Applications are due September 9, 2019.

Classes will meet October 15, 22, 24-25 (trip to NW Oklahoma), 29, November 5, 12, 19 and December 3. 

Group members will work in a team to explore a special problem in the swine industry and present their solution to the okPORK board of directors on December 3. 

Download PIG 2019 Application

For more information about PIG, contact the okPORK office, 405-323-3781 or Dr. Scott Carter, 405.744.8869.