Pork Production in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma pork production At a glance

1,947 Oklahoma farms produce hogs 

There are 2,150,000 hogs in Oklahoma

12,100 Oklahomans work in pork production

$473.3 million in personal income has been generated due to pork production

$786.4 million added to the gross state product from pork production


Oklahoma Pork Production In Detail

Prior to 1991, swine production had been a small but important agricultural industry in Oklahoma. Today, Oklahoma’s pork industry is the states 2nd-largest agricultural enterprise and is ranked 8th among U.S. pork producing states.

The production and processing segments of Oklahoma's pork industry provide over 12,000 jobs and are worth $473.3 million. Pork producers have also invested nearly $1 billion in fixed assets in Oklahoma’s economy. Agricultural economists estimate that each dollar increase in pork production results in nearly a threefold increase in direct and indirect impacts on Oklahoma’s economy.

Several factors have helped to power Oklahoma's growth as a major pork-producing state. Oklahoma's favorable climate relative to the Midwest was a major factor. Lower costs for land and labor also played an important role. Finally, there was desire and interest from many Oklahoma farmers to start a pork production enterprise.