okPORK sponsors many community events throughout the year. We can provide cooked or raw pork or a cash conation. All requests must be submitted through the form below. 

When you fill out a support request form - if you do not receive an emailed or phone response within two business days - please contact the okPORK office, 405-232-3781. Please note: We cannot fulfill any requests during the month of March due to the Oklahoma Youth Expo and September 1 through October 1 due to the Oklahoma State Fair and office staff requirement at these times. 

Also note, if you receive a donation from okPORK, we need you to send photos of your event. We are specifically interested in the photos that show ways you recognized okPORK for the donation. You can submit those photos by email to lhawkins@okpork.org.

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(Please give a thorough description of your request from the Oklahoma Pork Council and what you would like OPC to provide.)