Golf In Any Weather

Golf In Any Weather

On another chilly and rainy October day, pork producers from all over the state of Oklahoma gathered together, stocking caps and all, at the John Conrad Golf Course in Midwest City, Okla., for a day of golf.

Just like past years, the purpose of having the yearly tournament in the middle of the state was to attract producers from all over Oklahoma to come mingle, eat pork and of course play golf.

Mexican Food at an Irish Pub = Perfection!

After a couple years hiatus, okPORK’s Swine and Stein dinner came back with a roar. Sean Cummings Irish Restaurant was the perfect venue for the group that gathered on August 12.

Chef Chris Bickel prepared four amazing courses featuring pork and the evening’s theme was Mexican. The first course featured puffed chicharrons with a salsa trio featuring guacamole, salsa fresca and salsa verde. These puffed and fried pork skins were far better than convenience store pork rinds and each salsa option was full of flavor.