Golf In Any Weather

On another chilly and rainy October day, pork producers from all over the state of Oklahoma gathered together, stocking caps and all, at the John Conrad Golf Course in Midwest City, Okla., for a day of golf.

Just like past years, the purpose of having the yearly tournament in the middle of the state was to attract producers from all over Oklahoma to come mingle, eat pork and of course play golf.

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“The okPORK OPEN is something we look forward to having every year,” said Lloyd Hawkins, okPORK community outreach specialist. “Even though it was a bit chilly again this year, everyone had a great time!”

As the day drew closer, everyone was hoping it would be another cool fall day, perfect for playing golf. That morning dawned and instead of a sunny and 75 day, we got a rainy 50-degree day.

As they made their way through the course, players from the 13 teams enjoyed Hawgaritas thanks to cart drivers, Christy Gammon and Lindsay Henricks. The players also enjoyed a trip to the bloody marry tent run by Nikki Snider. Gammon, Henricks and Snider made sure the players stayed hydrated during their golf outing,

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Even though it was a bit cold and wet during the tournament, a big perk was the staff at the John Conrad Course. They helped fill the drink coolers, helped with set up, helped tallying score cards and determined flights.  

“The staff was such a big help,” said Nikki Snider, okPORK director of marketing and promotions. “They made everything so easy and fault free for us.”

By lunchtime, the cold golfers were ready to rest their feet and enjoy some pork carnitas for lunch. 

Here’s how the scores played out:

1st – Seaboard Foods  

2nd – First United Bank

3rd – DNA Swine Genetics

And the day of golf would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors:
Mansion Farm – The King’s | First United Bank | McSpadden & Associates | National Pork Board | DNA Swine Genetics | Robinson Family Farm | PIC | Blue & Gold Sausage |Hudiburg Fleet Services | P & K Equipment | Minitube

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