Sailing on a Sea of Blue and Gold

FFA Con 1.jpg

In rural America, a Blue and Gold jacket holds a very special meaning. It represents leadership, hard work, and a commitment to care for the land and animals that feed us. The okPORK spent May 1 and 2 among great Oklahoma FFA students proudly donning their Blue and Gold.

“It’s always a great to spend time with FFA students,” said Nikki Snider, okPORK director of marketing and promotions. “I love hearing about their projects and seeing them make great achievements in this organization. And I especially love connecting with our Youth Leadership Camp alumus.”

okPORK’s support of FFA at their state convention spanned many activities. We had a booth at their Career Fair, sponsored the award for the Swine Production Placement winner and the award and scholarship for the Swine Production - Entrepreneurship award. We also had the opportunity address the FFA chapters who donated animals to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to be protein sticks for their student backpack program.

At the Career Fair, okPORK held an enter-to-win giveaway for an okPORK backpack. We gave away nine backpacks over the two-day trade show. Many students and parents eagerly entered the drawing.

Lindsay Henricks and Snider represented okPORK at the Awards and Stars Luncheon. They had the opportunity to meet the finalist for the Swine Production Placement and Swine Production Entrepreneurship awards, give them congratulations and take a photo with them.

FFA Con 2 .jpg

“This was okPORK’s first year to sponsor the swine production entrepreneurship scholarship,” said Roy Lee Lindsey, okPORK executive director. “The finalists for the entrepreneurship award are top notch and we wanted to increase our recognition of them to match their accomplishments.”

At the Hunger Challenge Reception, Snider was able to deliver congratulatory remarks to the FFA chapters who generously donated swine and beef projects to Oklahoma’s Food Banks. And it was a large crowd since 231 chapters donated 588 animals last year. They also donated $5,337 in cash to the food banks. This allowed the food banks to distribute more than 1 million sticks to Oklahoma’s hungry kids through their weekend backpack programs.

“It was especially gratifying to address FFA students at the Hunger Challenge reception because Oklahoma kids giving back to other Oklahoma kids who are in need is so inspiring,” Snider said.

okPORK’s involvement in FFA Convention is all about those kids in the blue and gold. We do this for them – so they’ll have great opportunities as they launch in to the world this spring or continue their FFA career and come by our booth and say “hey” next year.