okPORK Launches New College Course Featuring Swine Industry Careers

In October of 2019, okPORK and the department of Animal and Food Science at Oklahoma State University will team up to offer the first Pork Industry Group special problems course. This eight-week course will feature all the different careers related to pork production in Oklahoma.  It will also feature a tour of a sow farm and a tour of the Seaboard Pork Processing Plant in Guymon, Okla.

“The need for new leadership in all sectors of hog production is weighing heavily on the pork industry here in Oklahoma,” Nikki Snider, okPORK Director of Marketing said. “We want to help the industry fill those leadership roles and know there are top-quality students at OSU who can bring value to the industry. We just need to let them know about these opportunities in depth and introduce them to current leaders in the industry.”  

Each weekly session will have two hours of presentations from pig farmers, allied industry companies, swine veterinarians and others related to pork production. After the session, there will be a social hour where the class participants can meet and get to know the speakers informally.

This course will be open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors in the College of Agriculture at OSU. Applications are currently available at www.okpork.org/pig, and will be due by September 9th. The course will meet each Tuesday starting on October 15.


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