2019 Legislative Round - Up

okPORK once again teamed up with the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association and the Beer Distributors of Oklahoma to create and host a food and beverage friendly event known as the Legislative Round-Up. The purpose for the annual reception is to get to know those associated with the new and old Oklahoma State Legislature members and allow them to get to know us as associations and producers in return.

The Legislative Round-Up menu featured pork, beef, delicious drinks and much more! The associations truly benefit from the event because getting the chance to sit down and talk with legislators is a rare opportunity.

The Legislative Round-Up’s location was again held in the Marshall Conference Center located in the Oklahoma Blood Institute building at 901 N. Lincoln which has continued to be the perfect venue. 

As soon as the food was put on the buffet tables and the bars fully stocked to perfection, the legislators began to arrive.  Everywhere you looked you could see smiling faces and groups of conversations between the legislators and their colleagues. okPORK also had the opportunity to join in on some of the conversations with the legislators to discuss what is happening in the office and pros and cons about the pork industry.

The Legislative Round-up is known as a fun event with great food and even better conversations. Lieutenant Governor, Matt Pinnell and Secretary of Agriculture, Blayne Arthur even joined in on the fun!  

Roy Lee Lindsey, okPORK Executive Director, said the event has had nothing but positive reactions from the legislators and it has allowed them to interact with other groups and their staff as well. It also allows okPORK to work with other associations like the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association and the Beer Distributors of Oklahoma.

“Having partners in this event is a true bonus for okPORK,” Lindsey said. “It allows us to split costs and gives the opportunity for our members to meet and interact with other industries to see what challenges they have.”


. Lieutenant Governor, Matt Pinnell

. Lieutenant Governor, Matt Pinnell