Curtis Creed Receives okPORK Excellence Award

(OKLAHOMA CITY – August 2, 2019) On August 2, 2019, okPORK will honor Curtis Creed, of Smithfield Foods, with their Excellence Award during the 60th annual Oklahoma Pork Congress.

Creed began his career in the hog industry in 1997 as a contract truck driver. He hauled feeder pigs from Lonestar Nursery, a contract farm of Murphy Family Farms, now known as Smithfield Foods. He would load feeder pigs on a Monday morning and haul them to a finisher in South Dakota, come home, wash the truck then load the next barn on Thursday and make the haul again. 

In his time with Smithfield Foods, Creed is responsible for scheduling cull loads, wean movements, feeder movements, market loads, mortality removal and the day to day washing and baking schedules at the High Plains Truck Wash in Laverne, Okla. In 2010, Smithfield Foods built a baker at the truck wash.  All commercial trucks are washed and then baked prior to hauling new loads where Creed has been the primary operator. This innovative process of cleaning the trucks with heat, overseen by Creed, has improved health outcomes for Smithfield’s pigs significantly.

“I have enjoyed all of my time here at Smithfield Foods,” Creed said. “It has been a great journey to serve the swine industry and I love my job.”

Cathy Vaughan, safety coordinator at Smithfield Foods, said Creed has great relationships, and respect from all of his co-workers and the contract drivers.

“Every one of those trucks is washed and baked at the High Plains Truck wash under Curtis’s direction and watchful eye,” Vaughan said. “1 million wean pigs come out of Oklahoma annually and Curtis is an integral part of that process.”

Creed said he was both happy and emotional when he heard about his nomination for the okPORK Excellence Award. 

“I really don’t know if I deserve it, but it is a huge honor,” he said. “I am proud to represent Smithfield Foods with this award.”