Darren Wheeler Named 2018 okPORK Ambassador Award Winner


Darren Wheeler, a long-time pork supporter and owner of Wheeler Meat Market in Oklahoma City, Okla., has been selected to receive the 2018 Ambassador Award for his extensive service with okPORK. 

Wheeler said the meat business has and always will be a family affair.

“My family has actually been in the meat and grocery business since 1907,” Wheeler said. “About 25 years ago, my dad wanted to open a smaller store and asked me if I wanted to go into business with him, so here I am.” 

Besides focusing just on meat sales, production and promotion, Wheeler has also been a sponsor at many different okPORK events including the okPORK Open Golf Tournament, Bacon and Bourbon and Pork and Cork.

“We really enjoy helping out the Oklahoma Pork Council and it lets us promote the consumption of pork at our store, too,” he said.   

okPORK considers Wheeler a member of the “family,” and believes he deserves this award. 

“Darren has gone above and beyond for okPORK,” Lloyd Hawkins, okPORK outreach specialist said. “Whenever we need help or a sponsor for an event, he is always there to lend a helping hand.” 

Wheeler was quick to express his appreciation to okPORK when he heard about receiving the 2018 Ambassador Award. 

“Anytime you are recognized as an individual who does something for an industry is something special,” Wheeler said. “I really enjoy being able to tell story and be an ambassador for the pork industry to make a difference for others.”

okPORK is proud to present Darren Wheeler with the 2018 Ambassador award, for not only his dedication to the swine industry, but for his lifelong support to agriculture.•