Pork! Your Key to an Easy Weeknight Meal.

Work, kids’ practices, travel, volunteering. There are SO MANY things pulling for your time. Cooking seems to be one of the first things that slips off the to do list. But we want to help you eat well, have meaningful meals with your friends and family and keep up with ALL THE THINGS. Here are some pork recipe solutions that fit the busiest of nights. And keep coming back because we’ll keep adding recipes.


Cuban Picadillo

A one pan dish using ground pork with tons of flavor. Printable Recipe Here.

Ham Quesadillas

A super-simple recipe that the kids will love helping with. Printable Recipe Here

Italian Sausage with Pasta and Herbs

Smoked sausage, herbs and veggies combine to make a pasta dish that everyone will love! Pro-tip: You can cook your pasta ahead of time and make the week-night prep time even shorter. Printable Recipe Here