John C. Thomas | 2010

John C. Thomas has had a passion for agriculture his entire life and has dedicated over half of his life to the pork industry. The contributions he has made to the pork industry in Oklahoma are immeasurable. John has a profound love for the land, the animals and the people in the pork industry, and that is what has made this lifelong passion so personally fulfilling and professionally invaluable.

John joined Tyson Foods, Inc., in 1984, after graduating from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. In his twenty-five years with The Pork Group, the live hog division of Tyson Fresh Meats, John has served in many capacities. John currently holds the title of Vice President of Live Hogs. John began as a management trainee with The Pork Group in 1984 and since then has had the opportunity to learn and teach the myriad aspects of the live swine business and the contributing factors to growing a strong operational foundation from the ground up.

John first came to Holdenville, Okla., in January of 1994 serving as Director of Operations. He worked on behalf of The Pork Group to build and establish a strong business in that area. He worked with the contract producers to ensure growth and success.

Besides building a home and a life in the Holdenville area, John developed and sustained many relationships which allowed him an opportunity to achieve his professional goals of ensuring that thriving and vital operations were built. Also, John was extended an opportunity for personal enrichment by being embraced by Oklahomans and befriended by individuals who remain close confidantes. 

John was the first corporate executive named as a board member to the Oklahoma Pork Council.  John was highly involved in state legislation efforts and agricultural partnerships with Oklahoma State University.

“I am honored to serve as a leader within our company and our industry. I believe that one of the keys to operating a successful organization is to maintain focus on operational excellence,” said John Thomas.

John holds a great deal of gratitude for the investment others have placed in him. He believes that sustainability, a strong business model, and adaptation are a few of the keys to a successful business. He also believes it is essential to acknowledge the contributions made by all those who are a part of the growth and development of the pork industry.  

It is with great pride and appreciation that the Oklahoma Pork Council inducts John C. Thomas into the Hall of Fame.

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