Clem McSpadden | 2000


Clem McSpadden has earned the title of one of Oklahoma’s premier citizens.  Born, reared and educated in Oklahoma, he truly has “given back” to our state. 

Clem was elected to the Oklahoma State Senate and was the first Senator elected by his peers to serve consecutive terms as President Pro Tempore.  He was elected by an overwhelming majority to serve the Second District in the 93rd U.S. Congress, earning the distinction of being the first, first-term Congressman to be named to the all-powerful Rules Committee. In Congress, McSpadden was one of the original authors of the Rural Caucus, showing his concern and respect for rural Oklahoma and agriculture.

McSpadden and his wife, Donna, have held together ranch land first settled by his grandparents in the mid-1800s and have made it prosper.The McSpadden governmental relations firm was established in 1983 and, through common sense and integrity, is one of the foremost firms in Oklahoma.  Clem and his son, Bart, represent clients throughout the United States.  Clem believes in agriculture and in the early 1990s began representing the pork industry in Oklahoma, educating legislators about the industry and the economical/employment advantages which could buoy the state’s declining economy.

Clem McSpadden maintains a presence envied by all, and imitated by others, in his decency, intellect and honesty.