Quinton Gwartney | 2003

The Oklahoma Pork Council proudly presents the 2003 Distinguished Service Award to Quinton Gwartney. This award honors Quinton for his tremendous contributions to the Oklahoma Pork Council and the Oklahoma swine industry.

Quinton and his family helped form the Oklahoma Pork Council’s pork catering enterprise in 1983. He and his wife, Bonnie, helped Dutch Miller, a former Oklahoma Pork Council Executive Director, numerous days each year with catering events including the Tulsa State Fair.

In 1995, through a joint arrangement with the Oklahoma Pork Council and its new Executive Director, Gene Parsons, Quinton took over the management of the Tulsa State Fair Pork Chop Shop. He conducted the operation with prestige and efficiency and rapidly became the favorite food vendor at the Tulsa State Fair. Quinton increased sales and profits with the catering business, benefiting the finances of the Oklahoma Pork Council. He is well known for his sincerity, honesty and dedication in all his endeavors.

Quinton is truly deserving of this award for his tremendous contributions to the Oklahoma Pork Council over the past 20 years. He is also active in his local church, community and school activities, while remaining an active swine breeder for many years.