Congressman Frank Lucas | 2004

Congressman Lucas represents Oklahoma's Third Congressional District. He serves on the Agriculture, Financial Services, and the Science Committees and has served in many leadership roles throughout the years.

Congressman Lucas is a fifth generation Oklahoman whose family has lived and farmed in Oklahoma for more than 100 years. He operates a farm and cattle ranch in Roger Mills County where he lives with his wife, Lynda, and three children.

Lucas has been a crusaderfor the agriculture industry since being elected to Congress. He was heavily involved in writing the Farm Bill. Lucas worked with members of the Senate and House to craft the farm policy legislation. He also authored the comprehensive conservation bill that helped to expand the farm bill's conservation programs. 

Congressman Lucas has been a champion for the pork industry in Oklahoma and the United States. His district includes more than two thirds of teh pork production in Oklahoma. Lucas has always recognized teh importance of the pork industry to his district and represented the interests of Oklahoma's pork producers. He has been a leader in working to open foreign trade markets and creating an environmental policy that protects our lands and still provides an opportunity for our producers to be successful.