Janine Parsons | 2001

The Oklahoma Pork Council proudly confers its 2001 Distinguished Service Award to Janine Parsons. This award is presented to Janine for her tremendous contributions to the OPC and the Oklahoma Swine Industry.

Janine is a professional who worked extremely hard to promote our product. She was instrumental in improving profitability of OPC events including the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts, the Oklahoma Farm Show, the State Fair of Oklahoma, and the Spring Fair and Livestock Exposition. Janine taught us the importance of greeting customers with a smile and a kind word. She portrayed a professional image in what was many times a carnival atmosphere. She made changes in the menu and the preparation of pork, always striving to provide the best possible product at the best possible price.

Janine brought organization and efficiency to our operation. She developed a system that works and a product that sells. Among her many achievements, Janine was recognized by the 2000 State Fair of Oklahoma for providing the “Outstanding Food Product.” Her improvements are also evident as food sales records were set at each event.

Janine provided countless hours of support in the daily operation of OPC. From helping plan and organize the Oklahoma Pork Congress to assisting in the office with whatever was needed, Janine was a true blessing to OPC.

It is through this award that the OPC recognizes Janine Parsons for her contributions to our industry. It will never replace her honesty, positive attitude or smile. She serves as an example to us all as she embodies the “can do, will do” spirit.