Representative Elmer Maddux | 1999

Representative Elmer Maddux is a farmer/rancher of 50+ years from Mooreland. Elmer and his wife Rita own and operate both of their parents’ family farms as well as other farms in both Woodward and Woods counties.

Elmer is a state legislator representing three counties: Woodward, Major and Woods. He has served ten years in the State House and begn his 6th session with the legislature in November of 1998. Currently he is serving on Agriculture, Appropriations and Budget, County and Municipal Government (vice chairman), Revenue and Taxation, Tules, and Small Business committees.

Elmer served two years in the U.S. Army, has served board positions on Federal Land Bank, Soil Conservation, Freedom School, Woodward County Excise and Equalization, and as an advisory to the Wichita District Bank Board. He served two years a a county commissioner before being elected as a state representative.

Honors received have been Jaycee’s Farm Family of the Year, 1969 and State Farm Family of the Year, 1970.

Elmer and his wife, Rite, have three children, two grand-daughters, and one great grandson. They are members of the First United Methodist Church in Mooreland where Rita is church pianist.

Elmer Maddux has tryly been a great friend to Oklahoma’s swine industry. He has helped and advised the Oklahoma Pork Council on many occasions in legislative matters. Elmer always has an open mind on any ideas that the pork industry has and worked diligently and unselfishly in their behalf. He was dauntless and fearless to do in his mind what was right. Elmer Maddux always exhibits the highest level of integrity.