Joe Neal Hampton | 2015

After more than 15 years of advocating for the Oklahoma agricultural industry Joe Neal Hampton was honored with the okPORK Distinguished Service Award.

Joe Neal Hampton spent some tough years advocating for Roberts Ranch of Oklahoma in the Oklahoma Legislature. When the regulations of the late 90s took effect and stopped expansion of Oklahoma’s pork industry and Roberts Ranch began to have troubles with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Hampton was hired to help.

“Joe Neal helped us with things dealing with the legislators in our area and our county commissioners with our roads,” said Jeff Mencke, Roberts Ranch of Oklahoma’s sow production manager. “It was a very beneficial relationship from that standpoint. In our area it was very important that we continue to build relationships with the people that were influential and could get the word out that we are a good company and do the right thing.”

Not only does Hampton give thanks for his mentors, but people give thanks to him for helping them to learn more about how to deal with people. His ease of conversation helped others to learn to talk to people in the same fashion.

“What I learned from Hampton was that a natural style and ease of dealing with people was more beneficial than the so-called hard sell,” Mencke said.

Throughout the years thatHampton worked with Roberts Ranch and with the pork industry in Oklahoma, he continued to be helpful with issues throughout agriculture. He continued to attempt to bring the different agricultural sectors together and he believed in seeing the different agricultural groups supporting each other.

“I am very honored,” Hampton said. “I am very humbled. It’s hard to imagine the industry folks thought that much of me. I just really can’t believe it. And I appreciate it.”