Preston McPhail | 2004

The Oklahoma Pork Council is honored to award Mr. Preston C. McPhail, the Oklahoma Pork Council Distinguished Service Award.  Preston’s unrelenting desire to help children and their families cope with difficult times is exhibited most clearly by his commitment to the charities and fund raising efforts of the Ronald McDonald House and okPORK.  The partnership of okPORK and the Ronald McDonald House is successful in large part because of the leadership and initiatives of Preston.

Preston committed his life to the service of others at an early age by joining the United States Army Reserve in 1960.  In 1965, he transferred to the United State Air Force Reserve, retiring 30 year later as Lt. Colonel.  Additionally, Preston has been a volunteer leader on numerous boards including the Ronald McDonald House, Great Plains Museum, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, March of Dimes, Association for the Care of Children, The Compassionate Friends, Oklahoma Alliance Against Drugs, Oklahoma Pediatric Cancer Association, Civil Air Patrol, Oklahoma Municipal League, Boy Scouts of America, Hospice of Lawton and many others.

During his tenure of volunteer service to okPORK Preston has been an ambassador for the pork industry.  He has repeatedly donated his own time and resources to ensure OPC’s efforts were successful.  Preston has willingly sacrificed his personal time for a number of years to ensure the partnership remained strong and the mutual goals were met.

Preston embodies the traits of leadership that are the essence of service.  He has taught us the importance of being humble, gracious and persistent.  His activities throughout the years have all focused on the goal of serving others and improving the lives of those around him.  Preston’s vision and hard work has led to okPORK receiving awards and recognition from the Oklahoma State Fair including the 2000 Favorite Fair Food Award, the 2001 Cleanest Food Exhibitor Award and the 2002 Best Customer Service Award. 

The Oklahoma Pork Council thanks Preston C. McPhail for the time, resources and talent he has donated to our industry.  We thank him for the opportunity to work with him and congratulate him for his focus and tenacity.  It is through this great spirit of service that Preston has accomplished his mission of helping others.