Dustin Crenshaw | 2002

Chef Dustin Crenshaw has a diverse culinary and management experiences with a solid reputation and loyal following in the Oklahoma area. He has held the position of executive chef at three of the most innovative restaurants in the Oklahoma City area. Currently, he serves as president of Jakin & Boaz, L.L.C. Restaurant Development Company, which provides restaurant-consulting services for companies in Oklahoma City. In addition, he has formed and currently orchestrates the “We’re Stronger, Together!” program.

Chef Crenshaw was awarded first place honors at Oklahoma City’s Taste of Elegance competition in 1995, 1996 and 2000 and second place in 1997. He has represented Oklahoma in the national Taste of Elegance competitions held in Washington D.C. and Chicago and has received the award for being one of the top eight in the country in the spring of 2001.

His most recent role was as executive director for an outdoor grilling philanthropy event named “The Independents Ball- A Grilling Experience.”  All of the proceeds of this western themed event were given to the Inner-City Mission to assist their efforts in helping the homeless and low-income individuals of Oklahoma.

Dustin has lent a helping hand to the pork industry for numerous events and continues to be an integral part of the Oklahoma Pork Council’s foodservice endeavors.