Dr. Scott Carter | 2017

Carter is a product of the swine industry in Oklahoma. He grew up in Ninnekah, Okla., where his father was also a swine producer and ag teacher. He graduated high school in 1985 and followed his dreams to pursue a degree at Oklahoma State University.

Currently Carter serves as a professor, graduate advisor and primary research specialist at the swine farm at OSU.

“Dr. Carter serves several roles and wears a number of hats in the swine industry and here at OSU,” said Dr. Clint Rusk, OSU Animal Science department head. “However, he truly cares about the students and treats them like actual people. Teaching is not just a paycheck for him, it’s a vocation.”

Because of Carter’s extensive knowledge and research on the swine farm and in the industry in general it was important that he share that knowledge as a member of the okPORK board of directors.

“We needed someone who had a connection to OSU Animal Science, particularly in the swine field,” Roy Lee Lindsey, okPORK executive director said. “We needed to capture the value of the facility and the students that are coming out of that program and having Scott be a part of our board is a tremendous part of why we are successful.” 

Carter also has a connection with youth outside of the university when he participates as a group leader at okPORK’s Youth Leadership Camp every summer. The camp allows high school students to participate and get a hands-on experience and learn about pork production from “farm to fork”.

“I wondered how Dr. Carter would fit in with high school students after being a college professor for so long,” Lindsey said. “But after seeing him at camp with the students I quickly changed my mind. He made them work through different processes and his engagement and enthusiasm through all the camps has amazed me.”

okPORK is honored to present Dr. Carter with the 2017 Distinguished Service Award thanks to his love and passion for the swine industry and the people who helped make it one of the best.

“When Roy Lee came and spoke to one of my classes he said he had a big announcement to make,” Carter said. “I was shocked that I was receiving such an honorable award and it means more than I can express that the board and industry can think of me that way.” 

To learn more about Dr. Scott Carter, watch this video.